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1 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Salvesen-Kopperud, A. (I28870)
2 "Anfinnsdotter". Egeland, Jenny (I8559)
3 "Conceived out of wedlock in Friestad. His parents eventuallymarried, but left Friestad and moved to Bore to avoid thescandal .They eventually had 8 children I believe. All butella are gone. My grandfather came to the Us, settled inIllinois, made some money and moved his family to Iowa. hemarried Johanna Lingdanger (family still lives near Stavanger)here in the U.S.. they had 10 children. Five girls and then 5boys. We live in Illinois, and the rest of the family live insouthern California. Jon died at age 40 from an appendiitis inIowa leaving my grandmother to fend ro herself. The family wasseparated, but kept in close cntact. All 10 children managed tobecome quite successful in business and farming. My grandmotherdied 8 years ago at age 94. My father traced our family treeback in Norway to the 16th or 17th century. Most of it is inNorwegian which unfortunately none of us speak. " Excerpted from an e-mail message dated 24 Oct.1999 by Mary Rita Friestad-Nelson. Friestad, Jon (I21142)
4 "Den danske fyrste" The Danish Prince av Halland, Jakob Greve (I3536)
5 "Jenny Emberland married a man named Apeland and emigrated too, but she a millionaire. She had no children as the first and only had died before she emigrated." Emberland, Jenny (I22940)
6 "Lief was from Trondheim and a sea captain. He eventually cameto the US and became a Captain in the US Navy. He met my Grandmother Ingeborg in the US and they were married around 1915." Sederholt, Leif Carlsen (I5784)
7 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hakestad, A.B. (I22958)
8 "Olga Emberland married the brother of Ole Økland, her sister’s husband. I know Olga emigrated, but not whether her husband followed. neither do I know if her children were born in the US or here, (Norway). But her children's names were Gunhild and Odd, and I know they settled there. Once it was said that Odd had gotten twins, but I don't know for sure." Emberland, Olga (I22942)
9 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Møller, S.E.H. (I22951)
10 "She lived only a few days. "
Edvard Lunde 
Berge, Sigrid (I11241)
11 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hakestad, B.T.E. (I22952)
12 (), død ca. 1018, småkonge på Ringerike, stefar til OlavHaraldsson, og far til Harald Hardråde. Ble sagt å være denklokeste mann i Norge i sin samtid. ("pig"), died ca 1018. Minor king inRingerike. OlavHaraldson' s stephfather, and father of HaraldHardråde.Thought to be the w isest man in Norway in his time. Sigurd Syr (I13125)
13 (18 Dec 1924) birth date on gravestone Eggebø, Margot (I19665)
14 (according to Løvold, O.A. 11890 Ø Biographiske Efterretninger om Præster i Stavanger fra Reformationen indtil vore Dage.Stavanger 1890, 33pp (biographical accounts on priests in Stavanger from the reformation till today)

No Children 
Evertsen, Bertha (I23644)
15 (Bio of David E. King, Moses’s son-in-law, says he was born 11 Dec 1814 in North Carolina and died 29 March 1891. It also mentioned Mary Powell, wife of Moses, died 11 Mar 1902, Slaughter, Moses, farmer, Sec. 35: P.O Dallas Center, born in North Carolina in 1815, and in 1832 removed to Indiana and came to this county in1855; he owns 170 acres of land: has held offices of Justice of the Peace, school director. He married Miss Mary Powell 28 Dec 1841; she was born in Wayne County, Indiana; has four children; Julia A. Ella, Lila E. and Chauncy M.--lost three: Leroy, Luther L. and Elizabeth. Slaughter, Moses H. (I28814)
16 (Erling Sandberg was bank director and became a (non-nazi!) Minister of Finance in Norway 1940-1942.) Sandberg, Erling (I26969)
17 (hjemme) Rønneberg, Anne Therese (Mossi) (I2406)
18 (Høle pr.gj.) Holmen, Gunhild Aslaksdtr. (I14120)
19 (Jensdatter Grubbe) Basse, Cecile Steensdatter (I28955)
20 (Lid 21?) Vestendal, Såve Hannson Rue (I24101)
21 (near Hamburg, Germany) Kühl, Axel Waldemar (I14056)
22 (No. 129b at Skjœveland) Skjæveland, Klara T. (I22001)
23 (No. 17a at Alsnes) Siri's mormor's aunt (her mother's sister) Alsnes, Bertine Karlsdotter (I21941)
24 (No. 17c at Alsnes) Siri's mormor's aunt (her mother's sister) Alsnes, Rakel Karlsdotter (I21942)
25 (No. 17d at Alsnes) Siri's mormor's aunt (her mother's sister) Alsnes, Gina Karine Karlsdotter (I21943)
26 (No. 17e at Alsnes) Siri's mormor's uncle (her mother'sbrother) Alsnes, Carl C. (I21944)
27 (No. 17e at Lussi) Lussi, Pauline Marie Persdotter (I21953)
28 (No. 17f at Alsnes) Siri's mormor's uncle (her mother'sbrother) Alsnes, Christoffer Serinius Karlson (I21945)
29 (No. 17g at Alsnes) Siri's mormor's uncle (her mother'sbrother) Alsnes, Reier Karlson (I21946)
30 (No. 17h at Alsnes) Siri's mormor's aunt (her mother's sister) Alsnes, Severine Karlsdotter (I21947)
31 (No. 19b at Håland) Nævland, Astrid Torvaldsdotter (I22000)
32 (No. 19c at Forenes) Furenes, Martin Laurits Gabrielson (I21950)
33 (No. 25 at Kråkedal) Tveit, Ådne Ådneson (I22016)
34 (No. 26 at Skjørestad) Hauge, Johannes Hansson (I21977)
35 (No. 26b at Tveit) Tveit, Trygve Torgerson (I22025)
36 (No. 28e at Skruss-Eikeland) Eikeland, Rakel Maria Eriksdotter (I22039)
37 (No. 34c at Nevland In 1900 census, Digital Archives -Internet, listed as midwife Nevland, Gurine Larsdotter (I21975)
38 (No. 38f at Nevland) Nevland, Martin Halvardson (I21974)
39 (No. 40h at Sviland) Sviland, Selma Olsdotter (I22014)
40 (No. 41 at Hogstad) Stangeland, Ola Person (I21949)
41 (No. 41a at Sviland) Tjesseim, Samuel Severin (I21780)
42 (No. 41b at Svihus) Svihus, Karen Gustava Bertinsdotter (I21774)
43 (No. 44a at Hetland) Hetland, Dine Maria Kristiansdotter (I21965)
44 (No. 44b and 50 at Hetland)
May have died while in the U.S.A. 
Hetland, Karl Kristianson (I21964)
45 (No. 44e at Hetland and 92 at Stangeland) Hetland, Kristian Kristianson (I21967)
46 (No. 44f at Hetland) Hetland, Martin Kristianson (I21968)
47 (No. 44g at Hetland) Hetland, Guri Kristiansdotter (I21969)
48 (No. 44h at Hetland) Hetland, Rasmus Severin Kristianson (I21970)
49 (No. 44i at Hetland) Hetland, Lene Malene Kristiansdotter (I21971)
50 (No. 47a at Tjessem) Tjessheim, Sigvald Johanesson (I22005)

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