Sandnes (Malmheim)


Tree: Ronneberg Family
Latitude: 58.8332144, Longitude: 5.6601256


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Sveinsvoll, Marta Eivindsdatter  12 Dec 1967Sandnes (Malmheim) I1172


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Auestad, Karen  Sandnes (Malmheim) I1186
2 Borsheim, Laurits Pederson  Sandnes (Malmheim) I2666
3 Brunes, Enok Larsson  Sandnes (Malmheim) I2679
4 Egeland, Marta  Sandnes (Malmheim) I8421
5 Eik, Ingeborg  Sandnes (Malmheim) I8424
6 Eik, Oskar Johan  Sandnes (Malmheim) I8439
7 Folkvord, Halvar Pederson  Sandnes (Malmheim) I1194
8 Folkvord, Kirsten Maria Olsdtr.  Sandnes (Malmheim) I5520
9 Heigre, Berta Maria  Sandnes (Malmheim) I1365
10 Heigre, Ingolf  Sandnes (Malmheim) I8471
11 Heigre, Jonas  Sandnes (Malmheim) I1177
12 Heigre, Lotte Birgitte Gustava Jonasdtr.  Sandnes (Malmheim) I1360
13 Heigre, Trygve Randolf  Sandnes (Malmheim) I8423
14 Håland, Anna Gurine  Sandnes (Malmheim) I5098
15 Jutland, Johan Olson  Sandnes (Malmheim) I3811
16 Lea, Adolf  Sandnes (Malmheim) I3308
17 Lea, Elisabet  Sandnes (Malmheim) I1379
18 Lea, Joakim Jonson  Sandnes (Malmheim) I1377
19 Malmin, Halvor Olson  Sandnes (Malmheim) I5072
20 Malmin, Karl  Sandnes (Malmheim) I5091
21 Malmin, Lava Matilde Torsdtr.  Sandnes (Malmheim) I5082
22 Malmin, Olav  Sandnes (Malmheim) I5085
23 Olson, Alma Helena  Sandnes (Malmheim) I13314
24 Raustad, Sigrid  Sandnes (Malmheim) I2677
25 Sande, Kristine Johanne  Sandnes (Malmheim) I6159
26 Sveinsvoll, Karen Olava  Sandnes (Malmheim) I1188
27 Sømme, Janna  Sandnes (Malmheim) I20302
28 Todnem, Peder Pederson  Sandnes (Malmheim) I1193
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