Sandnes (Grand)


Tree: Ronneberg Family
Latitude: 58.9704130, Longitude: 5.7358260


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anfindsen, Otto  23 Aug 1960Sandnes (Grand) I18535
2 Bore, Severin Danielson  14 May 1962Sandnes (Grand) I6708
3 L√łland, Reinert Serinius  20 May 1961Sandnes (Grand) I1425
4 Lima, Gunnar  30 May 1969Sandnes (Grand) I14136
5 Malmin, Hartvig Olaus  5 Jan 1970Sandnes (Grand) I5102
6 Tjemsland, Emma  10 Dec 2000Sandnes (Grand) I7668


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Anda, Karl Sofus Pederson  Sandnes (Grand) I6855
2 Berge, Ole  Sandnes (Grand) I12898
3 Egeland, Arthur Kristofferson  Sandnes (Grand) I22620
4 Folkvor, Anna Maria  Sandnes (Grand) I14157
5 Grude, Ivar Enokson  Sandnes (Grand) I2820
6 Hagland, Martin Olai  Sandnes (Grand) I7414
7 Helland, Elisabet  Sandnes (Grand) I20275
8 Hetland, Karen Torgersdotter (SVILAND?)  Sandnes (Grand) I22612
9 Hetland, Kristoffer Martinson  Sandnes (Grand) I21771
10 Jonassen, Ragnvald Karsten  Sandnes (Grand) I5107
11 Krogedal, Arne  Sandnes (Grand) I7659
12 Krogedal, Gunnar  Sandnes (Grand) I7742
13 Krogedal, Karen  Sandnes (Grand) I7660
14 Krogedal, Lars  Sandnes (Grand) I7661
15 Larsen, Ragna Pauline  Sandnes (Grand) I4074
16 Lea, Enevald  Sandnes (Grand) I3305
17 Lea, Magnus Martinson  Sandnes (Grand) I5502
18 Lima, Maria Olava Simonsdtr.  Sandnes (Grand) I2796
19 Lima, T√łnnes  Sandnes (Grand) I14126
20 Malmin, Magne  Sandnes (Grand) I11006
21 Norheim, Anne Marie  Sandnes (Grand) I12964
22 Nygaard, Martin  Sandnes (Grand) I18581
23 Nyg√•rd, Hansine  Sandnes (Grand) I1426
24 Oftedal, Torkell  Sandnes (Grand) I10462
25 Olsen, Anton Bernhard  Sandnes (Grand) I18419
26 R√łnli, Ole  Sandnes (Grand) I8102
27 Risa, Arnt  Sandnes (Grand) I6044
28 Risa, Elfin  Sandnes (Grand) I6049
29 Risa, Josefine  Sandnes (Grand) I20281
30 Risa, Lars  Sandnes (Grand) I6043
31 Risa, Samuel Arentson  Sandnes (Grand) I6036
32 Skadberg, Lars Gabrielson  Sandnes (Grand) I19746
33 Skei, Alf  Sandnes (Grand) I3396
34 Skj√¶veland, Agnes Kristine  Sandnes (Grand) I2797
35 Skj√¶veland, Hanna Kristofa  Sandnes (Grand) I2819
36 Skj√¶veland, Inga Svensdtr.  Sandnes (Grand) I5108
37 Skj√¶veland, Klara T.  Sandnes (Grand) I22001
38 Sola, Justine Karoline  Sandnes (Grand) I20486
39 Sola, Konrad  Sandnes (Grand) I20484
40 Stokka, Gudrun  Sandnes (Grand) I1420
41 Stokka, Ragnar  Sandnes (Grand) I1419
42 Sveinsvoll, Erling  Sandnes (Grand) I1250
43 Torstensen, Agnes Otilie  Sandnes (Grand) I14167
44 Vatne, Olaus Davidson  Sandnes (Grand) I22661
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