Sviland, Ingrid Agyda Mathilde

Sviland, Ingrid Agyda Mathilde

Female 1890 - 1975  (84 years)


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Sviland Ivar Ivarson Sviland Alfred Ivarson Sviland Ingrid Agyda Mathilde Sviland Ingeborg Maria Ivarsdtr. Sviland Sigrid Ivarsdatter Ukjent Ingeborg Marie Rønneberg Anne Maria Andersdatter Sviland Sverre Ivarson

Ingrid Agyda Mathilde Sviland

DateBefore 1898
File nameSvilandgrp.jpg
File Size153.36k
Dimensions453 x 292
Linked toHåland, Ingeborg Marie Pedersdtr.; Rønneberg, Ane Maria Andersdatter; Sviland, Alfred Ivarson; Sviland, Ingeborg Maria Ivarsdtr.; Sviland, Ingrid Agyda Mathilde; Sviland, Ivar Ivarson; Sviland, Sigrid Ivarsdatter; Sviland, Sverre Ivarson

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