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The first bus

Translation by Sigmund Rønneberg The city’s first commercial bus at it’s terminal at Kongsgaard in 1908 — In this region, regular bus-traffic did not really

A Flying Red Sofa Along Madlaveien

(Madlaveien – “The Madla Road”. Madla was a former municipality and borough of the city ofStavanger.) The first car in Stavanger struggled to get up

Eidfjord’s tracks and roads

Hardly any other place in Western Norway can offer the contrasting landscapes that characterise Eidfjord. The reason is the ice that ruled the ground approximately

How Hansen became Rønneberg

Around 1930, my grandfather – Harald Hansen (1874-1943) (married to Anna Ronneberg-Hansen (1883-1975)) purchased an automobile without possessing a drivers license. This problem was solved

Saboteur’s March

Vemork: The experiences from the heavy-water raid against Vemork in 1943 were revived when the saboteurs from the Linge-company met last weekend. Most of the

A brief Rønneberg history

Three cousins, Terry, Skip and Sigmund Rønneberg, have been searching for our family’s genealogy, and we have been learning about our family’s history since August