Ronneberg Family Website

An open letter to our friends and relatives

Much has happened since we first published an “open letter” on our Rønneberg Family Tree homepage in 1996. One of the most momentous happenings was the discovery of Sigmund Rønneberg from Sandnes, Norway. Cousin Sigmund became very interested, and joined us in our endeavor to learn as much of our family genealogy as possible. And, as a result of cousin Sigmund’s work put together with the significant contributions of cousins Per Nygaard and Oddvar Ormbostad, we now have over 28080 names in our file. Per also traced our roots back to Gorm den gamle, a connection to Norwegian royalty. Sigmund found most of our ancestors by researching the Bydeboks and parish records from the Stavanger region in Norway. In addition to Norway and Sweden, we now know that we have family in Australia, Canada, California, Illinois, Washington, Texas, Idaho, Maryland, Michigan, Montana and Louisiana. It has been a joyous feeling to learn that we have much more family than we realized. For two cousins who thought their family was very limited in the United States, this has been pleasant a surprise.

Our Family Tree Page has brought us together with other people related to us who also were looking for their roots. Each week we continue to have inquiries from folks who have found our page on the Internet. Some of these inquiries have turned out to be fruitful, some not so fruitful, but all are welcome.

This past year the three cousins, Terry, Sigmund and Skip Rønneberg, have had a lot of fun establishing new family ties and in some cases re-establishing old family ties. Our family interest eventually led to a wonderful family reunion which was hosted by our cousin, Joan Eckstrom and her husband Tom at their summer home on Whidbey Island, Washington. Family members came from Norway, New Jersey, California, Illinois, Washington and California.

Two cousins, Odd Nilsen and Jens Rønneberg, who attended the family reunion this year from Oslo, Norway also contributed a great deal of information about our great aunt Anna’s descendants that had been missing. We now have a warm relationship with these two cousins, and we continue to receive information from them.

Folks who are searching for information on their family’s genealogy are welcome to view our Family Tree Homepage, and if they think they may be related, we look forward to hearing from them. View our Family Tree Page and search our Surname list. If you find a name that is shared by our families, please write to us and let us know. This genealogy search is fun and it opens up a whole new world of discovery.

Come, join our search and perhaps we can enjoy the wonderful world of discovery together.

Best Regards

Terry Rønneberg
Warren Rønneberg
Sigmund Rønneberg