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Proprietærene -the Rønneberg Saga

Summary by Per Rønneberg Bremnes

Rønneberg – the old dynasty comes out of the shadows

Christoffer Rønneberg came to Summøre the 1750s, poor as a church rat. He had died in 1824 as the county’s richest man, after making a killing in the fish trade and the purchase of everything from small holdings to churches. But it was not without drama.

The Rønneberg sons continued where their father left off. For over 200 years the Rønneberg family was the most most powerful in Sunnmøre. From its large merchant houses in Valderhaug, Ålesund and Larsnes, they sent ships loaded with dried cod and other fish products to Cuba and Brazil in the early 1800s. Also, in northern Norway, the Rønneberg-name was known through the Wasmuth clan, owners of the Tromsø estate in Lyngen.

The book tells the story of the Rønnebergs, seasoned with fond and wistful anecdotes. It’s about love and hatred, yearning and having a great reunion. This story is made to come alive through a sweeping, fresh storytelling style.

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