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Trip to California

Eivind Oanes and his daughter Ragnhild Knædal fulfill a dream.

Eivind is not sure about driving such a big car.
Terry, Jean, Ragnhild and Eivind enjoy a glass of the grape at a local winery.
Eivind, Bobbie, Skip, Jean, Terry and Ragnild enjoy a Thai dinner in Tracy.
Terry, Ragnhild and Eivind stand in from of the Palace of Fine Art in San Francisco.
Eivind and Ragnhild had perfect weather when they visited the famed Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
Standing by Rodin’s The Thinker, Eivind and Ragnhild visit the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. Trygve Rønneberg was involved with the design of the original Legion of Honor along with the Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco.
Terry, Jean, Bobbie and Skip show off the hand knitted wool mittens and shocks Eivind and Ragnhild brought from Norway and knitted by Eivind’s Aunt Gerd Leiros.
Ragnhild is greeted in Chico by the Norwegian and American flags at Skip and Bobbie’s home.
Ragnhild and Eivind receive an American flag at the Viking Lodge Sons of Norway Western Social.
Dick Carriere explains how walnuts and almonds are grown on their large ranch in Glen, California. Dick’s wife, Nina, is Norwegian and enjoyed speaking Norsk with Eivind and Ragnhild.
Eivind, Bobbie and Ragnhild stand on the Sundial Bridge in Redding, California.
Eivind and Ragnhild stand in front of the three Shasta’s – Mount Shasta, Lake Shasta and Shasta Dam – north of Redding.
Eivind enjoys the warm sun and view at the Sundial Bridge.
Eivind smiles as he rides a Cable car in San Francisco.
With a “black belt” in shopping, Ragnhild finds bargins at Costco in Tracy.
Eivind heads to Tracy’s western store for some new western duds.
Eivind checks out the old valley town of Locke, CA. It was founded in 1915 by the Chinese after fire broke out in the their seciton of nearby Walnut Grove.
Terry and Eivind work on the front door lock in Tracy.
Ragnhild and Eivind stand under one of the giant sequoias at Calaveras Big Trees State Park.
“They are so big,” says Eivind.