Rønneberg, Carl Esaias

Rønneberg, Carl Esaias

Male 1854 - 1912  (57 years)


Om De Rønnebergske Gravmæler På Vestre Kirkgård

This article, by Harald Grytten, appeared 9 Jan 2008 in the Nytt i Uka (News in the Week). The PDF file was supplied by Olav Maltvik of the Nytt i Uka and permission was granted by it's author, Harald Grytten, to republish it here on the Rønneberg Family Tree website. Per Rønneberg Bremnes provided much of the factual information for this article. Click on "view this item" below to view a PDF of the article with pictures.

English Translation of the article.

This article was freely translated into English by Per Rønneberg Bremnes from an article written by Harald Grytten in the newspaper “Nytt I Uka” (News in the Week)

In the churchyard by the Church: Sculptor identified

In the churchyard by the Ålesund, Norway church, Vestre kirkegård, there is an especially nice headstone. It is the headstone of Carl Esaias Rønneberg (1854-1912) and his wife Hanna Jacoba Rønneberg (1868-1905). The work bears witness of first-class workmanship. On the one side – the east side – is a relief of the two: Carl Esaias and Hanna Jacoba. On the other side – the west side – there are two other figures. The first is a man holding his cape before his face. The second is a woman, with her head bent down. She is holding an instrument, and a strong hand guides her. Both show signs of great sorrow.

It was not commonly known who made these sculptures. Most people believed that they were made under the motto Deo soli gloria (God alone honors), and they were satisfied with that.

Help from Bergen

On the west side of the headstone near the bottom of the bronze plaque are some letters. But these letters were not easy to interpret until some friendly help came from a Bergen, Norway resident, Per Rønneberg Bremnes. He told me that a female Danish sculptor made the headstones. Her name was Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen and she lived from 1863 until 1945. That gave me the solution to the mystery. The letters engraved on the plaque, A M C-N stand for the sculptor’s name – A(nne) M(arie) C(arl)-N(ielsen).

This is all we know at this time

It would have been nice if we had more information about this Danish sculptor. What other works she has done, what place she held in Danish culture history and so on. Unfortunately, we cannot do that at the present time. But perhaps one day we will gain more knowledge about this sculptor and her work.

A letter from AMC-N

Per Rønneberg Bremnes refers to a letter from Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen to Carl Esaias Rønneberg. In the letter it is clear Carl Esaias Rønneberg himself ordered the headstone and the relief “Portrait Medaillonen”. The sculptor wrote to Carl Esaias saying she was most occupied at the time, but added:

“I will, however, promise you that I shall make your headstone as good as I am able to and for the price I have told you. But I must beg you to have patience with me. My illness last year put me very much behind so I have to work very hard to make up for lost time. At the and of August I will promise you to finish your relief and the headstone”

Per R. Bremnes mentioned that the Hanna Jacoba headstone was put in place at the Ålesund church by the sculptor in 1910. The Carl Esaias headstone was put in place in 1914, two years after his death.

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