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Norman J. Ronneberg, Jr. lives in the San Francisco Bay area. He has worked over many years to compile a history of his family and it’s roots in Norway. Although no connection has yet to be found between the two Rønneberg clans, i.e. Sola Rønneberg’s and the Norddal Rønneberg’s, a friendship has sprung up between us as we have often been mistaken for blood relatives. We have met at Norway Day in San Francisco and have shared a pleasant afternoon with Norman and his family.

It is only fitting to publish his work here on the Rønneberg Family Tree Website and we do so with pleasure. In addition to the written history, Norman has produced a family chart. This chart published in a Acrobat pdf file is close to 16 mb and too large to publish here. As it is, the written history pdf file is approximately 11 mb in size. If you decide to view it, please expect a long download time.

Click on the front cover to the right to download the pdf file.

If you have questions or comments for Norman, please contact me at and I will forward them on to him.